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Specifications of Our Eddoe

Harvest time 8 months after planting
Diameter 1,8 - 3,5 inches
Minimum length 4 inches
Box types 208
Packing Loose roots without plastic bags
Roots per box Between 130 and 150
Net weight of fruit at destination 40,0lb or 18,14kg per box
Loading 1.400 boxes palletized per 40ft HC container (70 boxes, 20pallets)

Firm and consistent root, white when pealed, availability year-round

Quality Inspection Realized by independent quality verifying company South Pacific Surveyors (SPS)
Quality standars > 90%

Clean fruit, without residues, insects, diseases or mechanical damage.
Desinfectation of roots with 1% chlorine solution

Thermograph used in Container Digital Sensitech TempTale 4 USB
Set Points Container Temperature at 8°C and Ventilation at 44 CMH (depending on season).