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Specifications of Our Banana Variety Cavendish Class 1

Harvest time 11-12 weeks after inflorenscence (depending on season)
Leavers at harvest Minimum of nine
Calibration Minimum 39° - Maximum 46°
Minimum length of fingers 8 inches
Box types 208, 2527, SF-101 and 22XU
Packing Polytube perforated bag, Vacuum (HDandLD), cluster bags
Hands per box types 208 and 2527 4, 5, 6 hands per box (less than 2% with 6 hands)
Clusters per box types 208 and 22UX 16 to 21 Cluster
Fingers per Hand Minimum of 11
Stickers Three per hand
Protectors per box types 208 and 2527 Three per hand
Net weight of fruit at destination Three per hand
Loading box types SF- 101 and 22UX Three per hand
Loading box types 208 and 2527 Three per hand

Fruit with firm and consistent pulp, availability year-round

Quality Inspection Realized by independent quality verifying company Trust Control International (TCI)
Quality standars > 90%

Clean fruit, without residues, mechanical damage, scars, flowers, maturity spots, diseases, insects, broken peduncles, and with a clean straight cutting.

Ethylene filter used In Container BIOCONSEVACIÓN F-75 and F-100
Thermograph used in Container Digital Sensitech TempTale 4 USB
Set Points Container Temperature at 13,4°C (56°F) and Ventilation at 20 CMH (depending on season).