EXPORTACIONES DUREXPORTA, S.A. is a family company which concentrates its activities on the production and export of premium exotic fruits such as mangoes, bananas and plantains. Established in 1991, DUREXPORTA was the first company in Ecuador to use hydrothermal treatment for the processing of her mangoes with the aim to export to the United States.

Ever since, DUREXPORTA has maintained its position as a leader in the production, processing, packing and export of mangoes out of Ecuador. DUREXPORTA represents 40% of total Ecuadorian mango exports. DUREXPORTA has its own mango plantations, implementing and maintaining strict quality control from our fields until the loading of the containers. This enables us to serve the most demanding markets like the USA, Canada, Western-Europe and New Zealand. Our high quality standards, personal touch and environmental care are rewarded with the most stringent certifications like GlobalG.A.P., primusGFS and Rainforest Alliance, amongst others.

DUREXPORTA not only processes its own mangoes. We help out other producers and exporters with the processing and packing of their Fresh Produce in our plant. En 2010, Durexporta started to diversify her activities. Today we process, pack and export bananas, plantains (cooking bananas) and root vegetables to the United States, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, and the Far East.

Apart from this, Durexporta is investing in Research & Development with the aim to add value to our fresh produce over here in Ecuador, semi-processing our fruit for the industry and offering final consumer products such as dehydrated fruits amongst others.

We consider our clients part of the family, building partnerships for the long term based upon traceability, transparency and sustainability. We serve importers, distributors, brokers, wholesalers and retailers worldwide and we are proud to do so for the smallest family businesses up to the largest and most prestigious enterprises in the world.